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Neat Koat Speciality Inc. has been a manufacturer of Speciality coatings powders for the powder coating application used in Furniture, Appliances, White goods, Light Fittings, Switch Gears, Computer peripherals, Refrigerators, Shelving, Automotive underhood components, Hot Water Radiators, Oil Filters, Hardware items & tools. Today Neat Koat stands as a reliable source of High quality and Durable powder coating material with a competitive edge. We continue to shape the industry by giving pioneering and innovative coating solutions.

Neat Koat has its production facilities located at the Rajkot, 250 Kms off Ahmedabad in western India. The manufacturing set up is equipped with the best machine from the world with all the standard parameters and operations. All of our products are developed in house by our own R & D department. Neat Koat is equipped with ultra-modern machinery, equipment and a full-fledged laboratory, the organization has the means and resources to meet the national and international standards. The organization has the services of trained technical professionals, who are capable to enhance production and maintain strict quality control at any stage.

Neat Koat Speciality offers a new cohort of powder coatings designed to respond to the demanding needs of today's customers. Advanced product characteristics provide graffiti resistance and premium weathering capabilities of upto ten years. Speciality products include;

Ultra Violet (Uv) Curable Coatings
Super Durable Coatings
High Temperature Resistant Coatings
Low temperature curing Coatings
Polyurethane – Acrylic Coatings
Also plays a role of premium provider of powder coatings

The company is engaged to manufacture different types of coating powders including Epoxy Polyester (Hybrid), Pure Polyester, Pure Epoxy, Polyurethane, Acrylics, low temperature cure, uv cure having a variety of finishes like glossy, semi glossy, matt, structure, texture, wrinkle, hammer tone, metallic etc.

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